You & Me

I want to write a poem
That’s all about you
But I realize that is
Something I can not do.

I want to write about all
That I see in your eyes
But without a glance
You pass me by.

I want to write about
How I feel in your arms
Instead I sit alone,
Forced to feel the world’s harms.

I want to write about the
Time I spend with you
But we don’t even talk by
The time the day is through.

I want to write about
All the love we share
Instead I shy away from
The emotions I can’t bare.

I want to write a poem
About you and me
But I now realize
That we will never be….



You set my body on fire with every touch

And send a shiver down my spine with one of your looks.

I can’t fight it, you control me.

You’re my one and only

You’re everything to me.

My friends say to leave you…

That you hold to much control over me.

I ignore them,

I won’t be able to survive

Without your loving kisses and  warm embrace.

You make me feel alive.

What would I do without you?

How could I live without you?

You want me and I want you.

You love me and I love you.

As long as that stays true, I’ll be at your side.

Always together, Always forever.

I’m yours and you are mine.

Love Can Feel So Good

One more night of passion
I miss the one I need,
I will never forget the night
Where together, we believed.

I can still hear what you told me
How so perfect I was for you,
And I let you love my body
That repaid you through and through.

I melt in your gentle caress
And when I ache, I call your name,
As you explore within my pleasure
You fall in love and I’m to blame.

I can still recall your hungry touch
And the way you made me feel,
It wasn’t sex we had that night
It was love, and it was real.