Big Picture

Each day we add another stroke to the page

This page called Life

Building a picture that reflects who we are

Each stroke, different from the last

No erasers needed

Just life lessons learned

As we are aspiring artists painting

Our Big Picture

© Hikari Aie



I took a wrong turn
In thing called life
I don’t know what happened
Maybe I went left
Instead of right
Maybe I went up
Instead of down
I am such a small word
With a huge meaning
I am…

©Hikari Aie


Sometimes it never goes away

The pain you feel

From the past

Haunting you

Like a ghost

Telling you what you can’t

And cannot do

You are left feeling empty

Like a summer’s day

With no rain

And Christmas

With no snow…

The pain echoes

Forever imprinted

On your soul

And the feeling

Never goes away

The one of emptiness

Of being…


© Hikari Aie


Hold On

As the casket lowers

He holds onto her

Not because he’s sad

But to support her

In her time of need

Don’t let go

Hold on

Cry if you need too

Still hold on

My chest is ready

To receive your tears

He’s still holding on

For you…

For us..

You’ll never have to

Do it alone

He’ll always be there

Supporting you

Supporting us

Never let go Baby Girl


Hold On

© Hikari Aie



Back and forth we go

I’m flustered

It’s a frustrating feeling

My mind is going too fast

My mouth can’t keep up

So it says the first words it catches

He stops talking

I stop when I see the reaction

But it’s already too late

My words had slowly changed

Becoming daggers

One had hit it’s mark

His heart

Missing In Action

I’ve checked out for a while.
Because it’s time for me to focus on me
Instead of focusing on what use to be
I can’t live in the past anymore
Because its not helping me
So I’ll go missing in action
So I can love me some me
I need to live my life
And finally be happy

© Hikari Aie