His Promise 

You’ve been so good to me….

I constantly think of ways to repay the mountain of love that you shower me with. We’re about to embark on a journey that not many go on. 

Those who’ve gone before us either make it all the way or things happen and they unfortunately can’t. I want to be right here with you for every day of the rest of my life. 

In between now and the end of forever, I promise to kiss your forehead in the morning and jump start the day. 

I promise that after a long day I’ll massage your feet and listen to you talk about Tina in accounting. 

I promise to keep the kitchen clean before and after you cook for the family and even just for yourself. 

I promise to defend you when you’re right and correct you when you’re wrong. I will never let you go into the world and make a fool of yourself. 

I promise to never let a birthday or anniversary pass without you knowing how much that I love you. 

I promise to raise our boys to be respectful to women and teach our girls to act in such a way that men will respect them. 

I promise to get us a dog that we’ll fall in love with. You can name him or her whatever you want. 

I promise to get old with you in the rocking chairs on our porch.

I promise to never let the fire that is between us go out. 

I promise to have date nights where we can get away and rebuild and strengthen our love.

I promise most of all, to always love you no matter what. I love you.

©Silenc340 for Hikari Aie


Silent Tears 

She weeps silently 

The pain she feels unbearable 

The love she had broken



The wall that was torn down

Slowly rebuilds itself 

Around her heart

Stronger than before

She weeps silently 


Knowing the love she had

Will never be the same

-Hikari Angel

How much…

How much do you love me?

My brain loves the way you make me think
My head loves the way you play in my hair 

My eyes love to see how beautiful you are 

My nose loves the smell of your hair 

My mouth loves your kisses

My ears love to hear you talk

My neck loves your long hugs

My chest loves that you fall asleep on it

My stomach loves the food you put in it

My privates, well, you know

My legs love walking to you

My heart loves you with every beat

Hikari Aie


She closed herself off

From happiness

And love

He was the key

That unlocked the door
To show her love

And happiness

Still exists


When the door 

To the plane closed

With him on the other side

How could she remain happy

When they faced their 

Greatest enemy yet…


– Hikari Aie

This Look

There is this look he gives

As he slides his hands 

Up her arms

In a gentle caress 

Before she feels his breath

Against her neck

Soft nibbles and kisses

That trails to her chin

Giggles fill the air

When he reaches 

His destination

Her lips

There is a look he gives

Before his mouth

Claims hers 

In a kiss…

Hikari Aie

“I Love You”

The words I Love You never needs to be said
I see it every time he tells me its time for bed
Pulling me close with my head on his chest
I close my eyes and he does the rest
Holding me tightly with gentle caress
Ending it sweetly with a forehead kiss

He tells me “I Love You” in the way we kiss
Every time he smiles at me it’s pure bliss
From the slightest touch
To the walk to my front door
To glances he steal while we eat lunch

“I Love You” is said
When he spins me around in a circle just for laughs
Or when he whisks me away for a silly dance
How about when he dries my tears
And erases my fears

Sometimes it doesn’t need to be said
“I Love You”
Those words with so much meaning
Is better said by showing and feeling.

© Hikari Aie



She sits on the ground
Sobs racking her body
Because her heart was shattered
By a man she once loved
Laid out before her in pieces
That she scrambles to gather
Before the wind carries them away
Desperately trying to put them together
As they once were
But with so many pieces
It can’t all be saved
Her heart is slowly mending
But it doesn’t beat the same

© Hikari Aie