If I Could…

If I cold be honest about how I feel…

I would tell you that 


Its a strong word

This feeling 

But you would never know

Because I still love you so

I hate that you tear me down 

Using big words 

Making me feel inadequate 

I hate that my feelings 

Can never be my own

So I have silenced my voice

In the sake of love

How can I be the person

That I need to be

When the person I hate is so


Hikari Aie



We’re all standing on the edge
To the left, lies our demise
To the right, lies the safety of the ground
Every day we walk it
Pacing back and forth
Changing our lives
With every step

Hikari Aie


The upset mind
Is quick to lash out
With an angry tongue
Using words to
Hurt the people
They care about.

Be careful,
For once out there
Those words
Can never be

©Hikari Aie


I need you to see me for me
Love me for me
Not what you want me to be
Living up to your expectations
With standards set so high
I’ll never reach
I can be my own person
By just being me
Love me for who I am
Not the image
You want me to be

© Hikari Aie

One Person

It only takes one person
To ruin your life
Turn you into something
You’re not
Because you fell
Head over heels
In love with someone
Who didn’t understand
Your worth
You’ve turned into
That very monster
Continuing the cycle
Trying to protect your heart
When you should have
Never given it
To that one person
From the start

Hikari Aie

Fake It

Sometimes you have to fake it to make it
You know what I mean
Pretend that everything is fine
In order to function in life
Tell yourself you’re happy
When its furthest from the truth
And if you’re lucky
Your heart will follow suit

© Hikari Aie