Simply About Aie

I am a twenty seven year old African American female who lives in a bubble. I enjoy being loud and outspoken on paper. I live for it. Writing is my passion. I am not the greatest writer but my feelings are my own and I’m sharing them with you.

If you decided to follow me then I thank you. I hope I do not let you down in any way and that my words speak to you on a deeper level. I love being creative, long walks on the beach, sunsets, and all that good stuff. I am crazy adventurous and really outgoing. Kind, compassionate, loving, sweet, annoying, rude at times, and even just plain out dorky, klutzy, and geeky. Those are just a few words that describe me. I’m a really decent gal actually…well…most of the times.

Communication is key for me. I’ve learned the hard way that it is extremely important for survival. When you read my work, don’t read to solve. Read to understand. Leave the words sink in and just resonate on it for a bit. That is all I ask.

Please email me if you want to just talk. My email is kinakac@gmail.com. In the subject line just add WordPress Question, Follower, Chat, etc to the front so that I can know that you are really you. Not some crazy robot trying to get into my spam folder



Sharing My Favorite Sunset From The Island With You

Thanks for dropping by.

Happy Holidays

~Hikari Aie~


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