His Promise 

You’ve been so good to me….

I constantly think of ways to repay the mountain of love that you shower me with. We’re about to embark on a journey that not many go on. 

Those who’ve gone before us either make it all the way or things happen and they unfortunately can’t. I want to be right here with you for every day of the rest of my life. 

In between now and the end of forever, I promise to kiss your forehead in the morning and jump start the day. 

I promise that after a long day I’ll massage your feet and listen to you talk about Tina in accounting. 

I promise to keep the kitchen clean before and after you cook for the family and even just for yourself. 

I promise to defend you when you’re right and correct you when you’re wrong. I will never let you go into the world and make a fool of yourself. 

I promise to never let a birthday or anniversary pass without you knowing how much that I love you. 

I promise to raise our boys to be respectful to women and teach our girls to act in such a way that men will respect them. 

I promise to get us a dog that we’ll fall in love with. You can name him or her whatever you want. 

I promise to get old with you in the rocking chairs on our porch.

I promise to never let the fire that is between us go out. 

I promise to have date nights where we can get away and rebuild and strengthen our love.

I promise most of all, to always love you no matter what. I love you.

¬©Silenc340 for Hikari Aie