If I Could…

If I cold be honest about how I feel…

I would tell you that 


Its a strong word

This feeling 

But you would never know

Because I still love you so

I hate that you tear me down 

Using big words 

Making me feel inadequate 

I hate that my feelings 

Can never be my own

So I have silenced my voice

In the sake of love

How can I be the person

That I need to be

When the person I hate is so


Hikari Aie


How much…

How much do you love me?

My brain loves the way you make me think
My head loves the way you play in my hair 

My eyes love to see how beautiful you are 

My nose loves the smell of your hair 

My mouth loves your kisses

My ears love to hear you talk

My neck loves your long hugs

My chest loves that you fall asleep on it

My stomach loves the food you put in it

My privates, well, you know

My legs love walking to you

My heart loves you with every beat

Hikari Aie