Transition & Food

Transitioning to the states is not an easy feat. It’s been exactly one week and a day. How did I fair? Well I managed to get my son registered for school. I got my driver’s license and voter’s registration. I got a job interview already lined up. I have a gym membership as well. A lot of people might read this and think that I’m doing just fine but I’ve been struggling.

I needed a gym membership because I was struggling with depression. I was homesick. I miss my fiance and friends. It seemed like suddenly everyone was too busy for me now that I was out of sight and mind. In my depressive state, I ate a lot. I knew I gained pounds because all of a sudden my underwear couldn’t fit. They were cutting off circulation. It’s surprising how much weight you can gain in a few days because you’ve been eating like a hog.

I mean eating brought me comfort. Those red velvet cupcakes, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Cookies and Creme brownies from Publix topped with Oreo crumbs, Red velvet Oreos and 16 oz log cake with icing. Pancakes and burgers are like 99 cents. Who wouldn’t get fat? Back home to get a 10 piece bucket of chicken is about $40 – $50. In Florida, it’s like $20 or maybe less. What is a medium sized drink at home is considered a small drink in the states of lesser value. It’s crazy.

I’m in food heaven. Taco Bell, Burger King, Arbys, Golden Coral, Perkins, Ihop, and Denny’s…just to name a few. You guys know what you have. All these restaurants to my disposal, of course I’m going to go crazy. We only have Wendy’s, Sbarro, KFC, Subway and Mcdonald’s at home. We’re limited on our fast food selections. Can you see why I’ve been filling up like a hog.

Yes…I know I have plenty years up here and I should pace myself because the food isn’t going any where. However, I feel like a big kid in candy store. Can you blame me? I feel like I’ve been deprived of the finer things in life.

I’m laughing as I write this by the way. Besides the depression, finding work was also a stress factor. I’ve calculated exactly when I’m going to run out of money and I’d like to start working before that happens. I finally got a job interview next week so wish me luck.

Until then…I’m just going to use my gym membership and go to the gym at least six times a week. Wish me luck.

© Hikari Aie


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