Where Have I Been?

I haven’t been blogging as much. Where have I been? Living…

I can say living because its honestly what has been happening. I’ve been engaged for about three months. I moved from my home of many years to Orlando, Florida. I now live in the states. It’s day three now. I’ve accomplished getting my son registered for school and getting a gym membership. That’s about it.

I’m not having any kind of luck on finding a job which is soon going to become an issue because money is needed for food, lights, rent, and so forth. Am I okay…mentally? Kind of. I had to leave my fiance home to find a better life so to speak. I mean we’ll only be separated for about 345 more days but whose keeping count right.

I’m slowly slipping into that depressive state. Don’t want to be bothered or move or do much of anything. I mean I’m doing what I have to do but nothing more than that. Don’t have any friends here and I guess I’m lonely. Going out to meet friends would require transportation that I don’t have. Food is starting to turn my stomach. Friends at home are busy.

It’s life right…

I’m finally living the American dream..question now is

Do I still want it?

-Hikari Aie


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