Hey Guys,

A month ago was my WordPress-A-Versary. I’ve been a blogger for a whole year. It’s been hard being “committed” and I didn’t think that anyone really followed me or paid attention to what I was ranting about. Turns out…


I was dead wrong. You may not have liked or commented but you did follow and you did share in my life story. So I would love to give you guys a big…


It’s been a hard year but I’d like to thank you guys for following me and keeping up with the madness that is my mind. Thank you for the well wishes and the fan mail. Yes…I have fan mail. Isn’t that awesome?

Overall, just thank you for being a part of my life, not just being a part but motivating me as well.

Here is what I have accomplished in a year’s time…


*Let your curiosity get the best of you and click on the link to see my work*

Best Blog for the year

  1. Broken Girl – 21 Likes Overall

Top 10 Blogs that was ranked over 10 Likes

  1. Written– 15 Likes
  2. A Lover’s Dream– 14 Likes
  3. He Said – 14 Likes
  4. Prized Possession – 13 Likes
  5. EAT  – 12 Likes
  6. Flashlight – 12 Likes
  7. 30 Day Challenge – 11 Likes
  8. Girl in the Mirror – 11 Likes
  9. Karma – 11 Likes
  10. Sticks and Stones – 11 Likes

Top Blogs that was ranked with 10 Likes

  1. A Little More Time
  2. Day 18 – Believe in Me  
  3. Dreaming Alone
  4. Something
  5. Everything
  6. Happiness is…
  7. Happy
  8. Day 2 – 10 Year Plan
  9. Moving On 101 – Day 2
  10. Survival
  11. You Made Me Cry

My Favorite Blogs Sites

  1. Breaking the Silenc3 – Silenc340
  2. Trimesters and Tribulations – 
  3. Dadstayedhome
  4. Thelittlethingsinlife – Meli
  5. Drem
  6. SurvingingSara


I mean this post can continue but it can’t.

Stick around and see what’s coming up.

I’ve got big news.

© Hikari Aie





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