Dear Ovaries…

Dear Ovaries,

Please stop nagging and reminding me that my clock is ticking. The baby fever that you have dropped upon my lap needs to stop. We’ve already had this discussion and we decided that we don’t want no more babies. We love to sleep.

However, you have stripped me down to strings of my soul and now I wake up every morning yearning for a baby. I want to feel the morning sickness and the pressure of my child growing on my bladder. I want swollen feet and to feel the butterfly kisses that my child will place upon me as they move. I want to endure the pain and struggling for the next nine months, keeping my child safe from harms way until they are safe in my arms.

Let us not not forget that new baby smell. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about…that lovely scent that you inhale every time you place a gentle kiss on their heads. Let us not forget about the joy they bring us when they first smile, walk, and talk.

Dear Lord,

Please forgive me for I am losing the battle with my heart and ovaries. My mind is not strong enough to over power them both. The need for an addition to my family is starting to consume me and I have thought about stealing my god babies indefinably.

Here is to hoping that my significant other will be strong enough to convince my heart and ovaries otherwise. He will be the one to carry the torch and say “NO.” He is my pillar of strength when needed most. Your have an obligation to fill. It is to take control of a spiraling situation. I’m secretly baby shopping. The madness must end!


Desperately Yearning

© Hikari Aie


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