Day 28 – Reminisce

Day 28 – Something that you miss

I miss a lot of things. It’s hard to just pick one but then again I’m a girl so…yeah. It’s like choosing clothes to wear.

I really and seriously miss having a car. No offense to people who have public transportation but I have to commend you and what you put up with. I never realized how much easier my life was with a car. Now without it, I’m making a lot of sacrifices. I’ve missed meetings at work or at my son’s school because I couldn’t get there in time.

I’ve pulled my son out of all his activities just because I cannot do my job and still be able to pick him up on time. I can’t even rely on doing a carpool or anything just because my son is not the easiest to handle. There have been a good couple of times where I myself have been stranded after work.

I wanted to get the most that my island has to offer before I moved. I wanted to take my son to all of his favorite places and have him experience carnival in its fullest. I can’t do that without a car because I’ll need to find transportation home and doing everything on our list via taxi will break the bank. It really sucks but I’m making the best of it.

I miss my best friend. He was killed and I felt like he was stolen too soon. Some times I wish that I could go back to our hideaway places to think about things that bothers me. Some times I wish he could show up at my front door with a frosty from Wendy’s to cheer me up when I’m having an episode. Other times I just miss that we could take long drives around the island, talking about nothing in general until the gas runs out. I miss him. A. Lot. 

I miss my grandfather who died as well. He died from pancreatic cancer. It added to the hole that was left in my heart when I lost my best friend. I wish that he could come back so he could teach me about cars. I wish that he could have been the pastor who married me and my significant other. I wanted him to be at the wedding, in the wedding, and everything. I wish he could see his other grandchildren.

Sadly, they are not here anymore and I have to live in my memories of them. It feels like if I stop remembering that I’ll forget them. I’m struggling as it is now to remember how their voices sound. Why is it that it feels like its becoming a distant memory when I don’t want it too…

© Hikari Aie


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