One More Month

Today is April 18th 2016. This means that it is exactly one month away from my birthday which is:

May 18th 2016

For the first time in a very long time, I’m excited. I really hated my birthday because I always had to work on it or I never got to do anything special. I remember one birthday my dad had to cater for it so everyone forgot. Not only that but he told me that I was a waste of time and the only thing I would ever be good at is laying on my back. Wow right…

This is why I go above and beyond for anyone’s birthday. If I can’t feel amazing on mines, I try to make others feel good on theirs. For my ex, I always had an elaborate scheme to gather his friends together for a surprise party or cook for him. Something each year that was different. I remember the one year my son and I stayed up baking sugar cookies for him the night before. When it was given to him, he was too wrapped up in his feelings to even enjoy it much less say Thank You. Needless to say, my son noticed and asked questions later.

For his last birthday, I gave him exactly what he wanted. I couldn’t get out of work to do something but I got him several cases of water and allowed him to sleep the whole day. Anyone who needed him or harassed him for his birthday, I had them call me and I did all the errands. Unfortunately for me he took the wrong way and felt like I ditched him on his birthday. Stupid me right. He still ended up having a surprise party anyway. Go figure. I guess it’s no longer the thought that counts.

So this year it’s gonna be different. My boyfriend has already given me an early birthday gift.


It’s a SNOW GLOBE!!!!!!!!!! I love it. It has all my favorite things in it. It glitters, has a cherry blossoms, a butterfly, and guys….IT’S PINK. I may sound dumb but it’s the most thoughtful give I have ever received. It’s amazingly awesome.

Also, for the first time ever I’m taking my birthday off from work. Both jobs to be exact. I’m not stopping there either. I’ve taken from Wednesday to Sunday off. WHAT?!?! I know. It’s something I’ve never done before…ever.

On these days there will be no errands, chores, working, or nothing of the sort. These days are dedicated to me, myself, and I. For the first time in a very long time, I’m going to take care of me. I’m so excited that you have no idea. I know my boyfriend is planning something but I don’t expect nothing else from him. The snow globe was enough. The time and dedication used to get me something so awesome is seriously enough. I can’t ask for nothing more.

However, I will be posting a very short birthday wish list. 🙂

Once again it’s a first that I actually want stuff for myself. Everything is really inexpensive so yeah. It’s whatever.

So…wish me luck.

Birthday cards, well wishes, and love are all accepted. Once again….not expecting anything. I’m just excited about next month.

Breathe girl….breathe


© Hikari Aie


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