“I Love You”

The words I Love You never needs to be said
I see it every time he tells me its time for bed
Pulling me close with my head on his chest
I close my eyes and he does the rest
Holding me tightly with gentle caress
Ending it sweetly with a forehead kiss

He tells me “I Love You” in the way we kiss
Every time he smiles at me it’s pure bliss
From the slightest touch
To the walk to my front door
To glances he steal while we eat lunch

“I Love You” is said
When he spins me around in a circle just for laughs
Or when he whisks me away for a silly dance
How about when he dries my tears
And erases my fears

Sometimes it doesn’t need to be said
“I Love You”
Those words with so much meaning
Is better said by showing and feeling.

© Hikari Aie



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