Day 26 – Opposites Attract

Day 26 – What kind of person attracts you?

I am attracted to people who are real. They have no issue telling you how they feel. They shouldn’t hold things against you.

Confidence, honesty, and loyalty are also good qualities. If I have to be around someone, I want to know that they are a good person. I understand that people have flaws and I don’t want them to be perfect but I still want to be able to feel comfortable around you.

Having a sense of humor is a must. I love to laugh so I hope what whoever I’m around likes to laugh as well.

Hypocrites has got to go. I get that we all do this sometimes but if you’re going to be this kind of person all the time then I can’t be around you.

I’m also attracted to people who understand the value of family and friendship. You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat their friends and family.

Finally, you have to be able to just let go and have fun. Don’t be a stick in the mud or be boring. I’m not talking about going skydiving but once in a while change up the routine.

I want to be able to live my life. I would like that anyone I’m attracted too, whether it be a friend, family member, or spouse….should be able to live and enjoy life as well.

Hopefully it’s not too much to ask for…right?

© Hikari Aie


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