Day 25 – Fascination Station

Day 25 – Someone who fascinates you and why

I’m not really fascinated by one person per say. I’m actually fascinated by people in general. Not one person is the same in this world. Many people come in different shapes and sizes. I’m actually laughing after that line.

I’m really antisocial but I love meeting people and interacting with them. It’s crazy I know. People who struggle with disabilities or disorders really fascinate me the most. I’m not pointing at them and saying you’re weird but I’m interested because I wonder what’s their daily routine like. I think that they get taken for granted a lot because they are not societies definition of “normal”. I hope this didn’t offend anyone.

There is a little girl at the after school where I work who struggles with socialization. It’s interesting because in all the years that she’s been there, I was the first person she opened up too. She talks, laughs, and smiles more. She doesn’t have an extensive vocabulary because her challenges goes way beyond socialization. However, just seeing the change in her is amazing.

Her parents noticed the improvement in her and met me in person. They were worried that she would never blossom. She blossomed because I treated her like she was another person. I didn’t make special rules for her because she was struggling or anything. I made her try new foods and I pushed her to be amazing because she is. If I had to pick one person, I would pick her to be the person who fascinates me.

I don’t like normal. I like weird and different. I’m friendly yet antisocial. It’s impossible but that’s me. So…To all my viewers who stop by on a daily basis or just passing through. I love you guys. You’re awesome. You rock. Stay true to yourself because different is the new norm.

© Hikari Aie


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