Day 24 – Movie Day

Day 24 – Your favorite movie and what it’s about. 

It is really hard for me to decide what my favorite movie is so I’ll go by the first one that comes to mind.

A Walk To Remember

When I first saw this movie, I fell in love with love. It is a really sad and romantic movie but for me it was worth the watch. Mandy Moore portrayed Jaime beautifully. This movie is so different but it also reminds me of Romeo and Juliet with a different plot twist.

The movie is basically about a girl whose very sick. She ends up working around a “bad boy” and he falls for her.She falls for him and they spend as much time together completing a bucket list.

I believe that there were two underlining messages in this movie. The first message spoke about the unpredictability of death, its timing, its causes, and its life altering results. The second message dealt with the fact that goodness in its purest form can and will draw out the goodness and purity of another.

I never read the book by Nicholas Sparks but if it is anything like the movie, I’ll be in tears by the end. I get really emotional when I watch a good movie and reading a good book is worse. I shed a lot of tears and I require a box of tissues.

What is your favorite movie?

© Hikari Aie


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