I’m waiting…
…Waiting for you to call back
And tell me that you’re ready
For us to meet
I’ve been ready from this morning
To finally have this conversation
And speak
For me to finally tell you how I feel
Because the different lives we have now
Feels so surreal
It must be a dream
That we’ve grown so far apart
When your the only one that held my heart
The hours slip by
While I wait and I wait
Still you haven’t shown up or called
I must have not been that important to you after all.
This was the moment for us to be honest
The waiting would have hurt more if you’d made a promise
That you’d be there like all the other times you said you would
Now I sit here stuck in my mind
In the broken memories of us
Still loving but not waiting on
The man I can no longer trust

© Aie


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