Broken Girl

She opens her mouth to talk
But finds she is unable to speak
As he apologizes to her
Down on his knees
Tears on his cheeks
Her heart feels weak
As she listens to his words

I love you
I’ll never hurt you

I promise you that you will never cry again
You are my everything

Words that have no meaning to her
Because she’s been broken
Down to nothing
But with him
She wants to be something
More than nothing
His words should mean the world
But to a broken girl
It’s been said before
Lie after lie
Time and time again
By people who loved her
And those she called her friend
This guy before her
Is turning into her everything
She wants to give him her all
She wants to open up
As he kneels before her
She’s still a closed book
His eyes filled with pain
Nothing left to gain
He’s laid it out on the floor
She’s capable of love
For this she is sure
Sadly, this broken girl
Still looks for the door

© Aie




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