Day 20 – Education

Day 20 – How important you think education is


I think having some sort of education is important. It’s very important actually. Getting a good education means that you will have:

  1. A happy and stable life
  2. Money
  3. Equality
  4. Makes you self dependent
  5. Teaches you life lessons
  6. Etc

Even though we get all these golden opportunities from receiving an education, the system is still flawed. Our parents have pushed us and made us think that it is the most important thing to obtain, yet still, we are told that we are too good for the job that we want. We are told that we are overqualified. We have gone through years of learning to get a piece of paper. This paper makes us feel like we are worth something but yet still to get this paper, we have put ourselves in the world of debt.

There are many reasons for getting an education. The main one being that you will have many opportunities and choices to choose from. For some, just obtaining a high school diploma is amazing. Others shoot for the moon and get as many degrees as they can. Going down that road is hard but the end result is certainly worth it. It just depends on how much fight you’re willing to give for it.

I have an education. Am I using my degree? No. This is a choice that I made. School never thought me how to do my taxes or what to do when you’ve been rejected from several colleges/jobs. I wasn’t taught how to do my laundry or even how to understand mortgages. School taught me how to find the square root of a cube, memorize the quadratic formula, and the all the presidents of the USA. I have yet to use these things today.

Going to school provides us with knowledge but life gives us the experiences that knowledge cannot. We get hands on experience just by living in the real world. Education is important. I can agree to that. However, without the life experiences to go with it, education is still just a piece of paper.

© Hikari Aie


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