Day 18 – Believe In Me

Day 18 – Your beliefs

 I have many beliefs. I’m just going to name a few.

  • I believe that if you do good that it will be returned to you.
  • I believe in Karma. Strongly believe in it.
  • I believe that everyone deserves to be happy.
  • I believe in love. Sometimes you have to fight for it but once you find the love that’s right for you, it’s amazing.
  • Marriage is sacred.
  • Live life to the fullest.
  • Laughter is good for the soul.
  • Family is important.
  • Treat your friends as you would your family. Sometimes when family fails, its your friends that pick you back up.
  • Everyone should be treated equally. No matter what.
  • Take off your mask and live your life. Don’t let what society feel is the new hype to define you.
  • Always be your own person.
  • Finally, Smile.

© Hikari Aie


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