Day 06 – All About Me

Day 06 – Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

This is all about me…Let’s see if I can find thirty interesting facts to tell you guys.

  1. I love music. I enjoy playing the piano and steel pan. I also find any guy who plays the violin totally sexy.
  2. When I was a little girl, I always wanted to get into dance. I wanted to do ballet, hip-hop, dance hall, and so much more.
  3. I enjoy reading. I loved reading so much that I got in trouble with my teacher in middle school for reading too much.
  4. I enjoy writing. I wanted to be a published author for children and teen books.
  5. I’m super creative. I enjoy making items from scratch and following pinterest.
  6. The best thing I ever did was switch from straight her to natural. It’s an amazing journey.
  7. I’m African American.
  8. I live on an island surrounded by water and I’m afraid to get my face wet. If you splash me in my face while I’m in the pool or on the beach then I literally will drown.
  9. I hate spending money on myself but love to spend it on others.
  10. I love shopping for presents. I feel like I’m the shopping guru. I can always find the perfect gift for someone.
  11. I snort when I laugh.
  12. I have a really bad lisp and I can barely pronounce words with S,C, and K.
  13. Star gazing brings me joy.
  14. Always wanted to make a fashion statement but I’m too afraid to make the statement.
  15. The only reason I started this blog was to leave behind a memory of myself in case I did commit suicide.
  16. I hate flying on airplanes but I love traveling. I get really anxious and I start crying.
  17. I want to be spaghetti cause I love to eat spaghetti. I also wanna be all wiggly like a noodle.
  18. I’m very social in an outdoor setting but I prefer being antisocial. I do or act the way I think I’m suppose to act.
  19. My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge and A Walk To Remember.
  20. I love animals. Always wanted to go horseback riding but never got to do it.
  21. Half the times I’m super hyper and the other times I’m so mellow its scary.
  22. I get excited over little things like feathers, shells, and funny words.
  23. I LOVE puns. I find them punny.
  24. I love the color pink. I mean I know…what girl doesn’t.
  25. I love food. I’m a total food slore. I get major foodgasms.
  26. I get very emotional when I watch tv shows, movies, or reality shows. I cry at the emotional moments and not so emotional moments.
  27. I’ve never seen snow in real life but I really really want too.
  28. I’m allergic to tomatoes as in the fruit. I love to put extra ketchup on my fries and mash potatoes. I like ketchup with my eggs as well.
  29. I’m crazy spontaneous. I would buss out randomly in a store.
  30. Sometimes, I wish I could go back in time and speak to all the loved ones I’ve lost.
  31. I love binge watching TV shows like Arrow and Flash.
  32. I love playing video games on the Xbox and PS4.

There you go. Thirty interesting facts about myself and two additional facts. If you want to know more about me please hit me up in the comment sections below.

© Hikari Aie


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