Day 04 – Religion

Day 04 – Your views on religion


It’s me. 🙂

Today’s topic is about religion and I hope I don’t ruffle any feathers. I believe that there is a higher power. I believe that as human beings we should be good to people all the time.

Growing up we are taught to stand by the bible and its rules but the minute things go wrong we quickly forget what the bible is. This is just an example for me. Do I go to church? Yes. I’ll go when asked but I’m not going to get dressed Saturday/Sunday and go to church of my own free will. This is my choice.

Growing up my mother was a Seven Day Adventist and my father was Methodist. One day my parents were fighting and my father brought religion into it. I’d never forget the day he told my mother that she was a self righteous bitch. He then dragged us into it. My dad turned to us and told us to pick a church.

I always went to church with my mom on a Saturday. It was normal for me. On occasion my dad would make me go to church on Sunday as well and I went. Not like I had a choice. What I did notice is that we were all worshiping the same God. So did it matter which church we attended? Those were questions that I asked my mom that never went answered.

On this day my dad was out of control mad and on a rampage. After calling my mom a bitch he stated that he was the most Christian person in the house. At this point my view on religion was starting to change. My father sealed the deal when he tried to force my brother and I to pick a church. The church we didn’t pick would be the church we never attended again.

We were children drawn into an adult battle because my father wanted to be an ignorant man. He wanted to win the battle at any cost. He knew that he couldn’t make his other two children go because my mother had a say. She could protect them but she couldn’t protect my brother and I because we were adopted. She wasn’t considered the legal guardian of us in the court of law. She met him with us. We were my dad’s trump card and that was how he hurt could always hurt my mom.

It was at that moment that I promised never to go to church again. My main reason was because I couldn’t pick one church without hurting the other. In reality I would go to church with my mother any day however if I picked my mom then my dad would continue the argument and push more buttons. If I chose to go with my dad then my mom would have been hurt but she would have understood.

I learned in church not to lie so I chose neither. I said that if choosing a church and religion was so important then I wouldn’t do it. I just wanted the fighting to stop. I never went to church after that again nor did I want to understand the concept.

I personally feel we all worship the same God. There is no right way to worship him. All these different types of church/religion is just many people worshiping the same person their way. I’m not going to bash another religion or conform to one way of living.

This is my choice. I live a positive life and always pay it forward. It feels good to help people. I don’t need a church or religion to tell me how to be a good person. Its more than being a good person for other people and I understand that.

This is my view on religion. Hope I didn’t lose anyone.

Talk later.


© Hikari Aie


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