Was it worth it

She was lucky for what she had
A boy that loved her
Even for all her flaws
He didn’t just love her, he lived for her
She was his life

So I guess she killed him
Because she left him
Tore out his heart
And threw it into the ocean
But he was still alive

She may have killed him
She pulled the trigger
But there was a gun
And that gun was another boy
Who told her she was smoking

And he really liked her
She liked him back
Even if he didn’t love her
And so they went to bed
But they got no sleep

And one month later she wakes
To a wailing in her head
From a miniature creature growing inside her
Because he never loved her
Enough to take responsibility

And god knows she couldn’t have done anything
The other boy knew this all too well
So he watched her like a parent to a child
The new boy knew this too
And so he took advantage of her

Three months later she buys new clothes
And tells her parents she is just getting chubby
Now she has neither boy
The new one left as soon as she heard
She is alone with the human parasite that gets bigger by the day

Five months later and she wants to keep it
And her family doesn’t know
But everyone else does
Kids on the street stare as she walks by
She gets an awful lot of dirty looks these days

Eight months later she has to keep it
And she wants to raise it, too
And start college when she graduates from high school
And her mom would be so disappointed if she found out
So she zips her lips

A few minutes of pleasure
Nine months of pain
A girl with no father
And a mother with shame
Was it worth it?


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