Letter to Herself

Dear Little Me,

When your hurt, you gotta speak up
You have to shout out, talk a bit louder
Be a bit prouder because you’re:
Everything you don’t see.

Don’t keep the pain in
Confide in your friends
Don’t let someone pick on you
Just because you’re better than them
Stay strong and fight
Because you have that right.

When you get older you’ll understand
That life can’t only be living in the sand
I’m going to be you in a few years.
I’m sorry I didn’t turn out like how you imagined.

I don’t eat candy or stay up until the sun rises.
I don’t run on the beach and collect shells.
I can’t have sleepovers or eat pizza forever.
I can’t do this because we have to grow up.

I have to go to school and learn.
What seems hard now is going to be harder when we get older.
Please…don’t cry.
Everything is going to be okay.
You feel down now but you’re just preparing yourself
To fight for what you believe in on another day.

I believe in you Little Me.
You’re going to help us make history and
Turn me into the amazing person I was meant to be.

Loving you always,
Older Me



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