Day 15 – Quote Me Now

Day 15 – Your favorite quote 

My favorite quote is as follows:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

If you click the quote it’s going to carry you to one of my previous blogs I wrote last year. This has always been my favorite quote.

This quote is the reason why I believe in love the way I do. It’s the love that I saw between my grandparents. It’s what kept me going when I was with my ex. I believed that somehow love would fix everything. I still do.

Growing up my grandparents had that fairy tale love. When I looked at them I saw the love that I wanted for myself. They went to church every weekend and had so many different quirks. My grandfather would watch TV and my grandmother would come behind him to kiss his cheek or rub his head.

I thought it was impossible for their love to transcend time but I saw it happen before my eyes when my grandfather was dying from cancer. I remember the night he passed that my grandmother told him that if he was ready to go that he could. She loved him regardless and she knew that he fought as hard as he could to be with her for as long as he could. She kissed him and said I love you. She told him it was okay to leave…that she would be okay. She took her  shower and by the time she got back he was gone. Just like that. She didn’t cry that night because she know they had accomplished everything together during their lifetime. He died knowing that he was loved more than anything in the world. They were soul mates.

So if you love someone, tell them. Someone I loved died without me getting the chance to say I love you too. Someone else walked away from me without fighting for our love because they made choices for me that I would have never agreed too.

This quote is my inspiration on what love should be and how to do it. It is never selfish to love someone. In my opinion, it’s selfish not to love at all and not fight for it. Everyone deserves this kind of love. If you’ve been lucky enough to find it as I have, don’t ever allow it to slip away.

© Hikari Aie 


Day 14 – Memories

Day 14 – Your earliest memory

This was suppose to be yesterday’s post. I’m still trying to get it together from working so hard these last couple of days. Stealing naps here and there. Anyway…

I can’t remember my earliest memory. I mean that’s to be expected right. My earliest memory is actually a bad one. It’s watching my dad walk away and never coming back. We were playing ball when I was younger. It rolled out the gate and went down the street. He chased after it and never returned. I remember waiting on the steps for him to come back. I waited so long I feel asleep and my grandpa carried me inside.

My second memory was shortly after the first. I got sick and my mom carried me to the hospital. I couldn’t breathe. I always had frequent asthma attacks so I was no stranger to the emergency room. I remember that my mom told me she loved me. She kissed me and told me to wait right there. She was going to the car to come back. She also never came back.

My dad ended up in jail and my mom used my dad’s absence to run away. He was abusing her and she couldn’t take it anymore. She left with all her children except me. As young as I was, I can’t remember the abuse. I know that my skin crawls when my dad tries to touch me. I try not to think about it but when I do I wonder why does everyone I love leave me?  I lost my parents within days of each other. From there my issues with trust, abandonment, and love was born. My earliest memory and learning experience happened when I was two. I learned that that life isn’t all roses and sunshine.

© Hikari Aie

Life Experiences

Never let

Life experiences

Turn you ugly.

Never let the

Pain, anger, and hurt

Make you say something

You’ll forever regret.

Those life experiences

Are learning experiences.

Always use them

To make you a stronger person

Than you were yesterday.

© Hikari Aie

Accept Me

Accept me for who I am

Not who you want me to be

Be my friend because I’m a good friend

Not because of what you can get from me

Why tear me down?

Why hurt me?

When all you have to do is

Accept me

And my love and friendship

Will flow endlessly

© Hikari Aie

Day 13 – Vacation

Day 13 – Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.

*It’s Day 13. Sorry I missed this day. Work and exhaustion.*

I don’t know where I would want to move to. What I do know is that I want to be happy, content, and stable where ever I end up. I have visited many places though. I have been to…

Puerto Rico
Washington D.C
North Carolina
New York
Costa Rica

I’ve traveled quite a bit. I’m sure there are more islands around the Caribbean that I haven’t added as  yet. One place that really comes to mind and I would love to visit is Dominica. When my boyfriend describes it he makes it sound like Paradise. I think about the lush green lands, waterfalls, 365 rivers, and the culture in general. If I could visit anyplace, I’d love to go there. I would love to take him home to see his face light up in excitement and surprise. One day hopefully, I’ll get to do this.

So if I could visit any place, I would visit Dominica. It’s to the top of my list. After Dominica I would go to the Bahamas, Hawaii, Rome, Paris, Iceland, and even England. I want to travel and explore. The world is way to big just to leave adventures pass us by every day.

Missing You – R.I.P

I stand at the water’s edge

And look out

As far as I can see

To the horizon

I kick a small stone into

The deep blue waves

Stretching to my feet

All I can think about is you

This sea before me

Was created by my tears

Hot, salty, sorrowful droplets

That I cried because I lost you

The sullen, gray sky

Looms over my head

I know you’re out there somewhere

But you’re not here with me

And so I cry

Day 12 – My Day in a Nutshell

Day 12 – Bullet your whole day

  • Woke up at 2:37 am and texted my spouse because I was secretly hoping that he was awake.
  • He was awake!!! Waiting for me to wake up in the middle of the night as usual to have our late night shenanigans conversation.
  • Spoke from 2:37 am until 4:30 am. He made me go to bed. I was super reluctant.
  • Woke back up at 7:30 am. Contemplated life for another ten minutes before I rolled out of bed and took a shower. Got dressed and woke up my son.
  • Chased my son out of my bed and told him to get ready. Gave him is usual peanut butter sandwich. He eats that for breakfast every day. He’s odd.
  • Took him to the doctor. He got 2 shots. 😦
  • I went to work for two and a half hours before I left. There was nothing to do and I was wrote two blogs, I Think… and No Longer Needed. I really like them and you will as well. Give them a click.
  • Went to meet my boyfriend. He was waiting at the bus stop. I sneaked up behind him and scared him silly. Secretly I think he knew I was coming.
  • We went on a lunch date. It was part two to our date from yesterday. We went to the first restaurant we frequented when we were “just friends”.
  • He took forever to order. I was patient. It’s actually the other way around. Couldn’t decide between the chicken sandwich or the honey glazed chicken. I went with the sandwich. Best decision ever!!! 🙂
  • Enjoyed our meal. We talked about the world and went down memory lane. We even did the memory lane look…you know the one when you look into the distance with your head slightly cocked. It helps enhance the experience.
  • Got chocolate cake for dessert. He recorded me doing the happy cake dance. Most likely got pictures as well. I was super happy just being with him.
  • Went back to the bus stop. Kissed for a while. He almost convinced me to miss the bus but I had an eye appointment to keep.
  • Eye Doctor!!! Picked out frames for new glasses. I’m a nerd. 😛
  • I went home and spoke to my mom for a while. I also spoke to my boyfriend who called to hear my amazing voice cause he was lonely  and he missed me on his walk home.
  • Got my son ready for school tomorrow. He got a shower, food, tucked in, and scolded all in one. It was super. We even talked about dinosaurs for a while.
  • Got to work on my third job. Catering for events. Started battering fish, gathering items needed for tomorrow, pre-sliced items, etc.
  • Texted my boyfriend in-between. Reminded him to post his Day 12 Challenge. He has a blog!!! He said that I’m his inspiration. He stopped writing for five years and now he’s a writing sensation. He’s really good. He goes by Silence but in reality he’s not. It’s a sham. He just likes mystery but he’s a big softie.
  • Writing this blog and eating ice until I go back to the kitchen to continue this not so fun job of catering.

This is my day in a nutshell. Hope you liked spending the day with me.

© Hikari Aie



Day 11 – Musical Beats

Day 11 – Put your ipod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up.

Here we go guys:

1. Don’t You Worry – Rock City

2. Cups (Pitch Perfect’s “When I’m Gone”) – Anna Kendrick

3. If Only – Dove Cameron

4. Trapping Ain’t Eazy (Mixtape) – Deejay Cypha

5. Our Story – Rock City

6. Pillowtalk – Zayn

7. Blank Space – Taylor Swift

8. Formation – Beyonce

9. This Is Love – Kelly Rowland

10. Fight Song – Rachel Platten

Those are the ten songs that popped up when I put my device on shuffle. Interesting choice of music I have. It’s a variety of everything.

Lets check out what the next five songs will be….

11. Real and True – Future (Feat. Miley Cyrus & Mr Hudson)

12. Only Love – Shaggy (Feat. Pitbull & Gene Noble)

13. I Bet – Ciara

14. Live By The Gun – Rock City (Feat. Akon)

15. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved – Straight No Chaser

Thanks for stopping in. Now, don’t forget to tell me what are some of your songs that come up in the comment section below.

Later 🙂

© Hikari Aie