I love music and I love to sing.

When no one is looking or even listening, I like to belt out notes randomly out of the blue. When I’m silly my voice will crack and I’ll look around to see if anyone heard me. Of course when I do this no one is around so I don’t have to worry. However, if I am an emotional wreck the notes that I belt out are just as gut wrenching.

mlnrYjWI’ve sung in the choir growing up. I was always able to hit all the notes and go the ranges. I sang, danced, and acted. In rehearsal I would kill it but when I got in front that audience my flame would go out. I had the worse stage fright. I still do but I am slowly breaking out of it.

I’ve never danced in front of people before. I tried it one time and I got so scared I messed up terribly. I’ve never sung in front on anyone before intimately. I’ve goofed off a lot but never took it serious.

Sometimes when I’m with my significant other, I would look at him and think,”How did I get here?” or “How did I get so lucky?” or even “I’m so grateful that I took a chance and said yes.” Then because of the mood and the emotional way I’m feeling, I would look at him and sing. My voice doesn’t crack. I’m not scared or shy. I’m hitting the right notes. I know I’m doing a good job because I’ll get goosebumps or he’ll run.

He doesn’t hate when I do it…at least I don’t think so. I think that he is simply getting  really emotional and he doesn’t want me to see him cry. He says he doesn’t like it but I enjoy doing it. I’ve probably done it to him three times already and each in event he disappears.

I mean at first my feelings were hurt but then I realized he just doesn’t know how to react to it. I don’t know if I’m the first person whose done it to him but I do know I’m amused now when it happens. He’s definitely the first guy I’ve went to sing love songs too. The only person I’ve sang to and pushed away that stage fright fear.

I like it.

I’m singing to him on our wedding day. He just doesn’t know it yet and he won’t be able to run then. 🙂

Long story short: When find the right person you can get over any fear.


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