Open Up

It’s interesting when someones states talk to me and when the time comes for you to actually release the pent up frustration…you can’t. You can’t because what you say will affect them. How do you talk to someone and not fear the backlash?

Its hard…so hard for me to just open up. With this in mind, I’ll sit and take it. Everyone I can confide in scolds me somehow. When I finally open up, I don’t do it with the intention to hurt anyone. I still censor what I say but apparently, I’m being told I need to move on or grow up. Venting or saying what is on my mind is a big no no.

How do I move on if I can’t talk about what weighs me down? If I’m hurting, why do I have to grow up. How is that immature? If I stay quiet, I’m wrong. If I speak, I’m hurting people. If I keep it locked up, I’m killing myself. It feels like I’m stuck in a rock and a hard place.

I don’t want to be judged but I don’t want to keep it all in either.

So tough luck right?


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