Heart Break

I believe that it is possible to die from a broken heart. Strongly believe. I feel so strongly about this because it was nearly my faith at one point. I was dating someone for a while…a while being five years. Nothing could have prepared me for the day the he confessed to cheating.

I already knew before he told me. When I found out, I chose to ignore it. It wasn’t wise on my part, that I know but I wasn’t ready to have my whole life interrupted. This guy was part of my world and my son’s life for the last five years. This is who my son knew as daddy. How do you go from planning weddings and trying to start your own family to cheating?

Yes, I know it happens but still I never expected it to happen to me. After the truth came out the real problem was deciding if it was something that could be worked out. I couldn’t pretend anymore. I couldn’t pretend to be happy when I was miserable for the last year. Every time he disappeared, stood me up, ignored my calls….everything would go back to…is he with her? Why her? Was I not good enough? Am I not attractive enough?

The pain I felt was unimaginable. It’s like someone literally took my heart and tore it in two. I couldn’t eat, sleep, or breathe. I had constant headaches. I lost weight rapidly. The shine that I had died. So if yesterday you told me you can’t die from heartbreak, I’ll tell you today that it’s a lie.

2 thoughts on “Heart Break

  1. I believe in this strongly myself. Very well said I got goosebumps when you described the feelings cause that’s exactly what happened. Hang in there you have a beautiful heart much deserving of someone better and I promise you someone will treat you the way you deserve 🙂

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