Piano Keys

Colors of a piano key,

Are colors of our life,

We’re black, we’re white, we’re coffee brown,

Two edges of a knife.

Skin is just the outside,

Inside is incomplete,

You have to see,

The real me,

To know I’m kind and sweet.

Look around and watch,

The people all go by,

No worries, fears or nightmares,

But what lies behind their eyes?

The world is like a book,

Hiding nasty things,

Open up,

And read up,

The terror people bring.

Because life is like a piano,

Separated by two.

You gotta be black or white,

Your color running true.

But some just hate the thought,

Of colors being friends,

It’s me and you,

We’re red and blue,

And there the friendship ends.

So why is there all this hate?

It’s just the color of our skin,

There’s no need for punishment,

To see the beauty that lies within.



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