Yelling at me won’t get your point across.
Bitching won’t get it across either.
Ranting and raving like I really care.
Trying to scare me with my worst fears.

Let it roll off your back they always said.
Shit, if I could do more I’d wish you were dead.
That was mean and ask me if I care.
Guess what, I’ve changed over the years.

No more little girl to hit and push about.
No more little girl to put down.
No more little girl to that allows you to laugh in her face.
No more little girl to put in her place.

Now you have the nerve to say that I’m an incompetent bitch.
Funny you say that, let’s hit the rewind switch.
You don’t know how to deal with anything.
It’s always my name that I could remember you sing.

From turning on the TV,
To changing the channel to QVC.
From turning on your cell, texting, emailing, even working the laptop too.
You sang my name from the top of your lungs until you turned blue.

Now I’m incompetent you say.
Funny to hear because that would be the day.
You’re only doing this to TRY and have your way.
Instead you’re only driving ME away.

Like I care about what you do in your pathetic life.
I’ve cut away your strings with this silver knife.
I won’t call, email, text, or even write.
Because I know you won’t even be able to reply to them right.

Who’s incompetent now?
I see the look in your eyes and it’s like wow.
You watching me pack up and walk away.
You didn’t even know this was the plan in my head.
To me you will forever be dead.



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