The End

There once was a time where it seemed
Harder and harder to wake up each day.
After I walked away with a broken heart,
I thought I would never recover.

However, as time passes
all wounds heal.
I have not fully healed yet.
Your words pierce my soul still


I’m getting better
And everyday
You reside in my mind less.
Everyday the tears have lessened
Until they flow down my cheeks no longer.


I wish you the best in life.
That you get all that you deserve.
I hope your dreams come true
And that you live life to the fullest.

I hope that you are truly happy.
For I don’t hate you for what you did.
Because that’s not what love is.
I have forgiven you
But I won’t forget.

I think I’m ready now
To finally tell you Goodbye.
Because I’m focusing on my
Happily Ever After

So, I’ve closed our chapter
And put that book on the shelf
After all, this is
The End, My Friend











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