That Girl

I keep hearing myself being referred to as That Girl

Giving the situation that I just got out of I am now labeled as That Girl

“Do you still talk to That Girl?”
“What happened to you and That Girl?”
“Ain’t you That Girl that use to drive the blue car?”

Since when am I to be defined by who I “USE” to date?

Why does my change in relationship bring up all this hate?

Was I “That Girl” when you needed a favor?
Was I “That Girl” when everything appeared to be fantastic?
Was I “That Girl” when you needed a friend?


My status has changed

It appears that I’ve fallen from “Societies Grace“.

Which is, quite frankly, fine with me

Simply because

I am Happy

I’ll be “That Girl” who chose herself and moved onto something better.
I’ll be “That Girl” who finally got control of her depression.
I’ll be “That Girl” who was smart enough to get out of a damaging relationship.

You don’t know my story

But I’ll be “That Girl

Because the way you’ve been expressing your thoughts and feelings about me

Just shows

That “That Girl

Is taking over “Your” world.


*Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

because all that glitters is not gold*




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