This Mask

I spread my wings, try to fly,

They break in their feeble state.

I lay crumpled, by your feet,

And you stare at me with hate.

Crystal teardrops catch the sun

When I simply can’t be brave.

As I reflect plaintively

And fill my watery grave.

How do you love me dearest?

Sometimes it makes my heart cry

That you will wait patiently

And quietly watch me die.

Now your breath is growing short

And the night is closing in

As you stare into the void

Of the whirlpool of your sin.

Forgiveness comes to you, love,

So, please shed no tears for me.

I know it pains you to laugh

And grin with sadistic glee.

This mask I wear comes off now.

I feel I’m finally free.

I kiss your lips one last time,

For you are dead to me.



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