My home is Paradise.
To be so far from something so nice
Cannot be my life
This isn’t right.


Soul binding Caribbean Music
Played so loud that you lose it
All control is lost to your limbs
As the music steal you away
And erases that God awful day

Paradise, you are missed.

Loud locals selling items for a dollar
Whatever you need is there with a holler
In that Market Square
With the old fashioned brick road right over there.


With majestic Palm Trees that sway back and forth
Ocean lapping at the rocks
A cool breeze caressing your skin
Lulling you to sleep
In the chair you sit in

Paradise, you are missed.

Tranquil beaches
Hidden reaches
Treasure is just beyond the horizon
With the sun setting
Stealing your breathe away like the sweetest poison.


How do you leave it all behind
Paradise, my sweetest find
You are truly missed


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