Who I am

Does anyone know who I really am?

Does anyone see the fear in my eyes,

  • Who the worry, the pain?

Do they see anything behind this facade?

Behind the jokes, the act I play?

Do they sense the silence?

The barricade I put up

to keep all out?

It barely falters, and when it does,

I shatter.

Like glass on impact.

Crushing ice.

What they see is a smiling fool.

A girl with a ditzy life and insane dreams.

They see what I want them too

They think what I want them to think.

I lie to keep the act up,

I ruin friendships when I don’t.

I break, I crack, and it all seeps through,

It ruins what has been and could have been.

Where did I go wrong?

When did this start?

I do not know, but now it mustn’t end.

If it does, then I shall end.

I shall answer what is asked of me

Truthfully, honestly, without hesitation.

Then I’ll go,

I’ll flee this world

I’ll leave

Never to return again.

business man shrug



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