The Lake House

I’ve run away to a place where no one can find me. I’ve started a new life, a better one. They say that there is no way to run away from life but I’ve successfully done it.

I got up one morning, grabbed the little one, bought a plane ticket and left. I have nothing but I found everything in my little house by the lake. Its cozy and amazing. The butterflies surround the house, almost like a fairy tale. I’m living in an enchanted house I tell them.

My little cottage house by the lake is small and enchanting. Its breathtaking, surrounded by trees and flowers. The two story house has a stone path and two porches, one upstairs and one down.

This is love.

I’ve filled the porch with floors to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. We sit and watch them from the kitchen window while we make breakfast. Today we’re making pancakes and bacon. This child of mines loves bacon. The laughter that fills the kitchen is contagious.

We move from the kitchen to the dining room. I’ve thought him how to set the table. He does an amazing job every time. One time, we had to eat with our hands because he forgot the forks.  It was a silly day. Thank goodness I made chicken and fries.

Within the dining room there are pictures and puzzles framed on the wall. All of them done by my son and I. We call this room our family room. We eat on the table that seats a family of four. The centerpiece is of fresh picked flowers.

The living room has a brown living room set. It blends perfectly with the beige walls of the room. The television is surrounded by pictures and movies. In the corner sits a game station with tons of board games and game consoles.

Family game night is my favorite. Even though its the  two of us for now, the house is filled with fun times and laughter. We run from the dining room to the living room. Don’t touch the floor, its HOT lava!

We have a guest bedroom and bathroom downstairs. There are three rooms upstairs and one bathroom. It’s cozy and I like it. The back porch is stunning, leads out to the lake. One hot days we make lemonade and dip our toes in the water.

When winter comes we bundle up tight, go sleighing, build snowmen,  and have snowball fights. We drink hot chocolate with whipped cream to warm up and snuggle under the blankets. Silly socks are worn to keep the monsters at bay.

This is love.

I’ve severed all contacts from the homeland. I don’t want to be found but I know that one person will find me. They will find always their way to me without my guidance. Its inevitable.

This family of two will soon become a family of three. Three will then become four as my stomach expands while the months pass us by. Four will quickly turn to five as the children will have Dakota (dog), to guide and protect them.

The months will pass us by and time will fly.

This cottage by the lake, my escape from reality, lives in the deepest trenches of my mind.

A fantasy…

Just a daydream…

Never to be a reality…

Couet 0031

Credit: Wilmot, South Dakota with 1st Choice Real Estate.


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