A Fresh Start

It’s like being trapped

In a closed room forever.

Even a ray of light

Seems like a life saver.

It’s like being trapped in a box

Where you can’t breathe.

You need to get out;

A puff of fresh air is all you need.

And I really need a fresh start.

I’ve been holding on too long

And now it’s hurting my heart.

This place is nothing like it used to be.

And now it’s starting to choke me.

There’s nothing refreshing anymore.

This place is nothing

Like it used to be before.

People here are changing so fast.

And here I am, stuck in my past.

It’s being going on too long,

And now it’s just unbearable.

This place is too unfamiliar,

Too cruel, too unstable.

It has sold out its heart

To the game of competition.

Now I really need a separation.

It’s time for a fresh start,

A brand new beginning.

A new future is beckoning.

There’s a brand new world right out there.

New adventures, new friends,

New life is waiting to be shared.

I need to get out of here

Before I crumble and fall.

I wanna listen to the voice I hear,

I wanna answer the call.

I wanna run away to a place

Far, far away.

I really need a fresh start today…


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