Dreaming Alone

I walk in a splendor of my own
Hidden in the realms of one who walks alone
No one by my side except the angels who watch
Perhaps the angels listen, but no one ever talks

Walking in valleys hidden to another’s eye
Running through the forests hidden to the sky
Scanning the paths laid before my feet
Wondering where the twisted ends of my life will meet

Knowing that forever I’ll keep to myself and scorn
The people around me who’ve tried to make me mourn
My existence — they’ve tried to rip away my hope
And now they try to equal me as I walk alone

Walking by myself isn’t so bad after all
The drop from fake friends to none at all wasn’t such a fall
In fact, perhaps it’s better since I walk alone and walk away
Nothing to misguide my steps and no one with lies to say

The populars, they look at me with spite
But somehow it’s not so strong when I don’t bother to fight
They’re terrified by someone so much stronger than they
And there’s something in their eyes when they see how much I’ve changed

Why should I walk with others, why should I fight to win
When I can simply feel the strength that surges within
Resting inside the bounds of a loner’s paradise
Why should I give it up just to feel another’s spite?

So I walk alone and dream alone
And never look back at the days of old
I’m happier now, as I sink so deep into the soul
Of one who’ll always dream alone



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