A Little More Time

On a gravestone
The date of your first breath
And the date of your last
Your life – A dash in between

A face in a photograph
A name to remember
Fond memories to recall
By those who loved you

But when you were young
In this world of wandering
You dreamed of leaving your mark
And the world would remember you

What will happen to your talent?
The music you made
The words you wrote
All the talent you had

What will happen to your passion?
The light in your eyes
The echo of your laughs
Will it all fade?

What will happen to your friends?
All the memories you made
The “inside” jokes
That kept your fears outside

What will happen to your enemies?
In the back of their minds
Will they know how you felt?
That you’re not a heart gull of hate

Did you have enough time?
Did you say what you had to say?
All of your regrets
Will they haunt you in the end?

Sing it – That song
Sing it today
Write it – That story
Write it today

Paint it – That picture
Paint it today
Look up – The sky
Look up and see it today

Say it – Those words
You’ve been meant to say
Don’t wait til tomorrow
Say them right now, Today

Maybe that’s what we all need
Not to go back to yesterday
But just a little more time
A little more time today

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