Can’t Take That

I can take the torrent in my head,

Crying at the sight of the rose on my bed.

I can take those signs and toss them away.

And realize that this won’t last another day.

And I can take my dream falling into grey,

And walk out the door, leave you to pray

For a second chance that I ain’t giving.

For advantage over this life that I’m living.

I can take the torn up lies,

Listen to my own cries.

Stand right here, right now.

Say bye-bye and take my bow.

I can take a rough love, an imperfect relation.

‘Cause I’ve got the time and concentration.

‘Cause if it’s worth it, I’ll fall down with you.

And we’ll come up, and not be through.

And I can take a few hits and a hard shot,

I have shields, so show me what you’ve got.

The mean words echoing in the hall,

I won’t go, ‘cause I know you don’t mean it at all.

But, saying you’re sorry in front of me.

Promising you’ll be good and less free.

With your fingers crossed behind your back,

Sorry, but I ain’t gonna take that.



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