My flame for you is burning out

I could sense this tragic turnabout

And now I’m singing myself to sleep

‘Cause you’re not breathing next to me

My heart beats inside my head

Rehearsing lines I never said

All is fair in love in war

Out you went and closed the door

My breath, my heart, my soul, my mind

I gave them to you, with my time

You picked it all up and ran with it

I’m left with nothing and feeling like shit

Love me, hate me, it doesn’t matter anymore

Don’t know what I was staying for

You broke my heart and killed my soul

The things you did you’ll never know

You gutted me, the blood’s on your hands

Then you wonder why my kiss is bland

Another cut and I’m barely breathing

Try to stem the flow but I’m still bleeding

It’s so dark here, where is the sun?

Your mouth is like a loaded gun

Pull the trigger, end it all

Do you like the red on the bathroom walls?



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