Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving.

I don’t say this to the people who gave birth to me, my child, or the fact that I was fortunate enough to wake up.

I wish this to all the people who have hurt, betrayed, and destroyed me. This may sound strange or narcissistic but it’s true.

It sounds crazy. I know but think about it. If your life was all roses then you would take everything for granted. You would feel entitled to a pay raise or the last bottle of water. You wouldn’t know pain or suffering.

In life, we need the pain, suffering, and hardships. We need to hit rock bottom. We need to cry, scream, stress, and vent.

We need it.

It makes us tick. It makes us who we are. The hurt makes us stronger…as overwhelming as it gets we make it work. It is in our DNA to fight, to become better, stronger, and wiser. We live to prove the naysayers wrong.

To the person who told me I was not pretty enough…

Thank you

To the person who told me I was getting bigger and bigger everytime they saw me…

Thank you

The guys who lied to my face and cheated…

Thank you

To my father who destroys me every second of every day once given a chance…

Thank you

The people who said I wasn’t good, smart, and talented enough…

Thank you

And the people who said I should just kill myself.. the haters as you would say…

Thank you

It’s easy to get lost in the pain but if you let it consume you. However, if you take the pain and use it to your advantage then in my eyes your a survivor.

No one loves you better than you.

Remember that.

Thanks for reading.




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