Faithful and True

Can I be angry…
Do I have that right?
The fact that I did fight…
For us…for love with all my might.

Faithful and true,
I never gave up on you.
I was a call…a text away.
Still that wasn’t enough to make you stay.

Lonely heart…wondering mind
Was I not one of a kind?
Faithful and true,
I still never gave up on you.

Loving you like no other…
Thinking it would be forever,
Cast away as I watched on the side.
Boy, this was a fucked up ride.

Was it not enough?
Was I not enough?
Hiding my tears…
Trying to be tough…
For someone who couldn’t appreciate me enough.

He couldn’t see me.
The real me.
The fact that I was a worthy trophy.
A prize worth keeping…
Now I sit here weeping..
Faithful and true
Learning to live without you.

I love you
It’s always been you.
This is forever.

You cut me with your words,
Sharp as swords.
Lies, lies, and more lies
Told to my eyes
The ones that looked at you pained
With nothing to gain
But a broken heart
And countless hours spent apart.

As I swallowed the truth,
Learning to keep mute,
Because my feelings meant nothing
To the man always searching
for something more
Rocking me to my core.
Faithful and true,
I really did love you.

Stating I had no time
For the guy I made mine
Too many rules and regulations
Broken dates…too many stipulations.

I never lead you on under false pretenses,
Gave you enough time to come to your senses.
And as I begged and plead,
For you to look at me…
You couldn’t
Because you only saw she.
Faithful and true,
Making it without you.

Now I am gone,
Because I did no wrong.
Maybe I’ve gone crazy,
Talking to the voices inside of me

Laughing because I’m free,
From the guy who was not worthy of me.
Pushed into the arms of another,
A new love that will last forever


Faithful and true.
No longer angry..
No longer loving you…


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