Rules of Society

Have you ever realized that we hold ourselves trapped to there standards that society has set for us? Sometimes we do this without question. Other times we bend to fit in with the people that surround us.

Boys aren’t allowed to wear pink and girls can’t play with trucks. We live in a world were being different is judged upon. We grow up learning the bible then cast it away when times get hard.

Men feel that it is okay to steal, kill, and fight. While females change their appearance more times than they change their clothes. (no offense) Their hair isn’t long enough so they add weave and it becomes part of them. Breasts aren’t full enough so they enhance it. Ass too flat…Well there you go. Buns of air.

Not trying to judge but if we lived in a world where everyone was accepted for who they were then I think the world maybe a better place. There would be no wars and no jealousy. Instead of being happy, we tear each other down to feel a little bit of self worth.

I know you might be reading this and thinking, “Not me.” I must chuckle to those of you who are doing this. How many times have you changed your outfit because it wasn’t fly enough? How many times have you laughed when someone fell or walked pass someone on the street who has nothing?

Just like animals we are classed based on our worth.

Below Average


Above Average

We develop this mentality in which the amount of money you have defines who we are.


Barely Making It


When in reality we are no better than the person sleeping on the bench because they got evicted from their place. If we think about it, our mentality is the reason why the world is turning into the place it is now.

There is no more peace or security. We live in a world where fear controls us. The fear they instill in us is what keeps us in line. Fear of dying sends us to the doctor. Fear of not amounting to anything sends us to school. Fear of being different…not a good enough skin color dictates how we act, speak, and think.

You have to wonder how many mothers gave birth to their child praying for a lighter skin color or for a gender that will be able to make it. We pray that our boy child will make it to see their 16th birthday and then to the 18th. We pray they don’t join a gang or fall victim to gang violence as an innocent bystander.

We push our daughters to be they best they can because men rule the world. We want them to climb the corporate ladder but don’t want them to lose their self worth. The jewel they hold between their legs is precious yet still they use it to get places. To get to the top. We pray that they don’t get pregnant before they graduate high school. In some cases we pray for junior high. Where did we go wrong and fail our children?

As humans we adapt to survive. We change to make it in the world today. Each generation is getting worse than the last one. This is because it no longer takes a village to raise a child. Society controls everything we do. Material items are more important than a human life. Letters, landlines, family dinners became a thing of past. Technology rules the world.

To survive we adapt. We adapt to survive.

If you want to see the change then be the change. To the person sleeping on the bench in the park I’ll give you a blanket. To the child crying because they are hungry, I’ll buy you food. To the person that has nothing left to lose, don’t.

We may not know what our path in life is but the good thing about it will be that it gives us an opportunity to better. Be better than technology and society. No more judgement.


Just because the world seems to be becoming more cruel doesn’t meant that you have to.

Be the change that you want to see.



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