In life we all need intimacy.

Intimacy doesn’t always have to mean being physical with someone. It can also mean having a mental bond that’s strong. Examples can be intimacy between friends. The secrets that only they will ever know. What about the intimate relationship between a mother and son or father or daughter.

In my honest opinion, I believe that you cannot live without intimacy. I value intimacy a lot. When it gets taken away from me it feels weird. I’m at a lost because its so strange not to have it.

Intimacy in a relationship is crucial. I am not talking about the intercourse portion. I’m talking about all the time that it takes to build to that.


We are talking about those long walks on the beach moments. Sitting and talking for hours upon hours about nonsense. Trying to be the first and last person they talk too. Driving in the car singing songs that no one knows the words too. The innocent first kiss. The first time you said

I love you

The compliments you get from each other.

Your Beautiful.

Your eyes are amazing.

The way they make you feel after a bad day. When you have that shoulder to cry on and warm body to lean on. Soft caresses on their cheek. Butterfly kisses. Amazing moments.

When you build


And they make you feel

Safe & Secure

For me that is


Loving couple holdind on the hands and sunset

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