Cyber Bullying

Today’s topic is as follows:


Why did I pick this topic?

Because I am currently the victim of a cyber bully and stalker by association.

Association? Is that even possible you ask?


My best friend has a habit of doing things that they aren’t suppose to. So they did something and I am the one dealing with the consequences. Every morning there is something new being said to me via Facebook or where ever. This person knows what vehicle I drive and where I work. This is real and scary.

I told my friend what was happening and they want me to ignore it. What they don’t comprehend is that they aren’t the one suffering. I am. Instead of attacking my friend and making their life a living hell. They are attacking me to get to them. Might I say…this tactic is genius and it’s working.

My friendship with this person is hanging on a nail. What’s scary about this is that no one knows who the person is. Everything has been an abundance of fake profiles. This person knows so much that it can be anyone I meet or talk to on an everyday basis. I can get seriously hurt and it’s La Dee Da for everyone. No one takes it serious because there is not enough evidence but I’m the one being harassed.

This life of being a Bully or a Cyber Bully is stupid. What are you getting out of it? Ruining someone’s life makes you happy? Attacking other people to get to someone is worth it? Does it give you the power high that your looking for?

Again I ask…What hype do you get out of it? When you get bored do you move onto the next person. Is your self esteem that low?

Do you know how many people give into cyber bullying? That it ruins the mindset of innocent victims. And if that person ends their life what do you tell their family? I’m sorry? How does that fix something as major as the loss of life.

If the person runs away or does a crime because of it? Then what?

So many questions that cannot be answered.

The time that one puts into bullying someone to any degree can be used to do something else. You may be a future actor or FBI Agent…Lawyer or Cop. The possibilities are endless.

Think about it for a minute before you do it. If this was someone that you love, can you still do it?


6 thoughts on “Cyber Bullying

  1. Bullying is never alright. I applaud your patience with an individual such as that. However, this sort of thing shouldn’t have to continue in such a manner. I’m not sure if you’re confident enough, but you should stick up for yourself. Growing up, I was often bullied for being better than everyone else in school, but after a while, it stopped once I showed them that messing with me was the wrong thing to do.

    I hope whatever you choose to do works out in the end. If push comes to shove, you could try garnering the help of close friends that you can trust.

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    • I’ve been down that path in school. Once I stood up for myself it stopped. I guess the person moved onto the next person.

      However, I don’t know who this person is. They are hidden behind fake pages and profiles. This person could be my boss and I won’t even know. I’ve done everything that I needed to do to try and get it to stop.

      I’m okay now. It doesn’t bother me. The most powerful that I have right now is the power of block and delete. The problem is there but they aren’t getting to me or rattling me anymore.

      It also isn’t my battle to fight. It’s my friend’s own. I’m not fighting anyone’s battles anymore because no one helps me fight my own.

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      • As long as it no longer bothers you to an extreme, then I suppose it’ll be fine. I just find that it’s better to get rid of the problem entirely, you know? Like, instead of leaving the tumor dormant, you try to get rid of it all together. That’s just my preference.

        I know how it’s like when no one has your back when it comes to your problems. I’ve grown strong enough to be able to withstand it, but it’s still a heavy burden to bear. With that said, I’d like to help you with your burdens, even if just a little.

        I also hope you don’t mind me asking this. You don’t have to answer as of now, but would it be rude of me to ask for your name? I’d like to know the name of the person behind these entries, if that’s not too much trouble.


      • You seem like a nice person. Awesome actually. Eventually I’ll give you my name, with time. How would you help if you don’t mind me asking.


  2. I’m nothing special. I’m just someone who, despite not going through the same things you have, went through my own share of troubles and decided that I should try to help people as much as I can.

    How I’d help would depend on the situation. If anything, I’d listen to your problems and try to provide a form of comfort. I don’t know if it’d help, but I’ve learned over the years that talking to others who are willing to listen is a great way to alleviate burdens.


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